metaphysical tales

(University of Missouri Press, 1981)

...a collection of a dozen short stories that won the 1980 Associated Writing Programs’ annual prize for short fiction. The nature of the collection is summed up in the “Foreword” by Joyce Carol Oates.

“This remarkable collection introduces a writer of extraordinary skill and vision. In prose that ranges from the wildly surreal to the almost credible, Eugene K. Garber invents dreamscapes that meld disconcertingly with our own and populates them with people—lovers, scholars, mystics, obsessed storytellers, ‘interlopers’ of one kind or another—whose voices fairly quiver with the difficult audacity of their music. They sense themselves doomed—or are they redeemed?—by the ineluctable mythologizing instincts of their souls. They are possessed by a curious sort of dispossession: they cannot resist substituting for ‘this rich round world of ours’ the mesmerizing stratagems of the imagination.”

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