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The first book of the Eroica Trilogy



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About the Book


...a quasi-historical fiction, presents fifteen tales involving five proliferating characters who appear in different guises. The book features original art by Lynn Hassan.

The book is described by author Eugene Mirabelli like this.

“Eugene Garber’s Vienna ØØ is simply astonishing. He gives us fifteen interlocking tales populated by a repertory company of brilliant artists, demons, lunatics and beautiful losers, all set in an hallucinatory Vienna. The originals for this troupe—Mahler, Schiele, Freud, Alma Schindler—are dusty, fading photographs beside the vivid fictional personae that Garber has loosed in the pages of this book. Garber vivifies his characters in the most dazzling prose written anywhere. Indeed, language is another demonic force in these fables, saturating 1900 Vienna in strange colors, soaking into the soul like lysergic acid. Garber has come with dynamite to the world of flat minimalist fiction, and has blown it apart. Welcome to Vienna ØØ.”

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about the author

Eugene K Garber

Eugene K. Garber has published five books of fiction and is the creator, with eight other artists, of EROICA, a hypermedia fiction ( His work includes strong elements of myth, metafiction, and spiritual quest. 
Garber’s fiction has won the Associated Writing Programs Short Fiction Award and the William Goyen Prize for Fiction sponsored by TriQuarterly. He has been awarded fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the New York State Council of the Arts. His short fiction has been anthologized in The Norton Anthology of Contemporary Fiction , Revelation and Other Fiction from the Sewanee Review, The Paris Review Anthology, and Best American Short Stories.