Eugene K. Garber is a writer of short fiction and novels. He has also collaborated with several other artists to create the hypermedia fiction, EROICA. He has been called a fabulist. His work includes strong elements of myth, metafiction, and spiritual quest. His most recent completed work, THE HOUSE OF NORDQUIST, dramatizes a Faustian search for the ultimate power that destroys and then renews. His current prose fiction in progress, THE GAME, creates a two-layered narrative linking the creators of a computer game and the lovers who inhabit the game.

Introductions to his books may be found by following links from the home page. A full curriculum vitae can be accessed by clicking here . The author’s collected papers can be found in the Special Collections section of the University Library at the University at Albany in Albany, New York. 

You may contact the author by clicking on this link.

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Eugene K. Garber