Eugene K. Garber

Curriculum Vitae


Born 1932, Birmingham, Alabama
Married, two children

Military Service

Lieutenant, junior grade, Supply Corps, USN, 1954-57

Commander, Supply Corps, USNR, 1957-1970


Tulane University, B.A., 1954 (English and Latin)

University of Iowa, M.A., 1959 (English and Creative Writing)

University of Iowa, Ph.D., 1962 (English and Creative Writing)

Doctoral Thesis:  M'Ginnis, a novel

Teaching Experience

University of Iowa, 1959-61 (Graduate Assistant)

Parsons College, 1961-62 (Assistant Professor)

University of Iowa, 1962-67 (Assistant Professor)

Western Washington State University, 1968-77 (Associate Professor, Professor)

SUNY, Albany, 1977-89 (Professor);1989-1996 (Distinguished Teaching Professor); Professor Emeritus, 1996-


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Subjects Taught

World Literature, English Literature, Modern British Literature, Modern Fiction, Composition, Mythology, Fiction Writing, Rhetoric and Literary Pedagogy

Other Professional Experience (selected)

Educational Consultant, Service Schools Command, U.S. Navy Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois, 1960

Editorial Assistant, Western Review, 1960-61

Executive Committee, Rhetoric Program, 1962-63

Coordinator, Iowa-Meredith Press Writers' Award, 1963-66

University Faculty Council, 1964-67

Supervisor, Britannica Correspondence Courses in Creative Writing, 1965-66

Chair, Master of Fine Arts Committee, 1965-67

Steering Committee, Iowa Center for Modern Letters, 1965-66

Acting Director, Iowa Writers' Workshop, 1965-67

Graduate Council, 1969-74

Coordinator, Annual Symposium on the Contemporary Arts, 1969-77

English Department Executive Committee, 1972-74, 1975-77

Coordinator, Washington Community College Manuscript Conference, 1974-77

Staff, El Centro de Intercambio Cultural, Guadalajara, Mexico, Spring, 1977

Director, Capital District Writing Project (National Writing Project), 1978-88

Faculty Senate and Undergraduate Academic Council, 1978-81

Chair, Special Committee on Undergraduate Education, 1978-81

Commissioner's National Advisory Panel on Measurements and Standards in writing, 1979-81 (State of New York)

National Advisory Panel, National Writing Project, 1979-87

Chair, University Senate, 1980-81

NCTE College Section Committee, 1983-86

Chair, Department of English, 1984-87

University Ad Hoc Committee to Plan a Writing Intensive Program, 1985-86

Chair, Long-range Planning Committee, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, 1987-88

Visiting Professor, Institut fur Englische Philologie, Universität Wurzburg, BDR, 1988

Research Fellow, Center for Learning and Teaching Literature, SUNYA, 1988-89

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, SUNYA, 1992-94

Acting Associate Director, New York State Writers Institute, 1994-95

Special Technology Assistant to the Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, 1995-96

Talks and Readings (selected)

Scott, Foresman and Company, National Publishing Convention, Chicago, 1965

Cornell College, 1966

Iowa Wesleyan College, 1967

Conference on College Composition and Communication, 1978

American Medical Writers Association, 1979

State University College, Geneseo, N.Y., 1979

University of California at Davis, 1979

New York State English Council Conference, 1979

New York State Education Department Conference, 1980, 1981, 1985

Siena College, 1981

Associated Writings Program Conference, 1981

Northwestern University, 1982

Kansas State University, 1983

National Council of Teachers of English, 1984

Modern Language Association, 1985

Center of American Studies, Rome, 1988

Carlton College, 1993

Portland State University, 1993

Chapman University, 1994

Honors, Fellowships, Grants

Navy Holloway Scholarship (1950-54)

Phi Beta Kappa (1954)

Eta Sigma Phi (Outstanding Classics Scholar, 1954)

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar:  Literary Criticism, Reading Theory, and Rhetoric, W. Ross Winterowd, USC, Summer, 1977

National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, 1978-79

SUNY Research Fellow, Summer, 1979

Associated Writing Programs Short Fiction Award, 1981

Presidential Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching, 1982

Creative Artist Public Service Award (New York State), 1984


Fiction, Books

Metaphysical Tales (University of Missouri Press) winner of the Associated Writing Programs' 1981 award for short fiction.

The Historian (Milkweed Editions) winner of the 1992 William Goyen Award, TriQuarterly, Northwestern University.  Paperback: Northwestern University Press.

Beasts in Their Wisdom (Snail’s Pace Press), 2004

Vienna ØØ (Spuyten Duyvil), 2006

O Amazonas Escuro (Swank Books), 2010

Classroom Texts

Better Reading I: Factual Prose, edited with Walter Blair and John Gerber (Scott, Foresman and Company) 1963

Better Reading II: Literature, edited with Walter Blair and John Gerber (Scott, Foresman and Company) 1966

Liberal and Conservative: Issues for College Students, edited with John Crossett (Scott, Foresman and Company) 1968

Reviews and Articles

"The Georgia Review," Literary Magazine Review, Volume 1, Number 2, Spring, 1982

"Steve Heller's The Man Who Drank a Thousand Beers," The Texas Review, Volume V, Numbers 3 and 4, Fall/Winter, 1984

"Supranarrative Elegance: The Northwest Passage by Norman Lavers," North American Review, Volume 270, Number 1, March, 1985

"Introduction," Reader Response in the Classroom, edited by Charles Chew, Roseanne DeFabio, and Patricia Hansbury: New York State English Council, 1986.

" ‘My Kinsman, Major Molineaux’: Some Interpretive and Critical Probes" in Literature in the Classroom (NCTE, Champaign-Urbana) 1988

"Reflections on the Teaching of Creative Writing: A Correspondence," with Jan Ramjerdi, in Colors of a Different Horse, edited by Wendy Bishop and Hans Ostrom (NCTE, Champaign-Urbana) 1994

Short Fiction in Reviews

"Like to a Roe or to a Young Hart" December, Volume VI, Number 1, 1964

Chapter from a novel entitled Philo, December, Volume IX, Number 2, 1967

"The Father" The Ohio Review, Volume XIV, Number 2, Winter, 1973 (Roll of Honor, The Best America Short Stories 1974 ed. Martha Foley)

"The Young Man" Prose/Poetry, Volume III, Number 2, Spring, 1973

"The Criminal" Jeopardy, Volume IX, Spring, 1973

"The Play" Proteus, Number 3, Summer-Fall, 1973

"The Hunter" Prism International, Volume XIII, Number 2, Winter, 1973

"The Captain" Mississippi Review, Volume III, Number 1, 1974

"The Black Prince" Denver Quarterly Review, Volume VIII, Number 4, Winter, 1974

"The Bird Watchers" Michigan Quarterly Review, Volume XIII, Number 1, Winter, 1974

"M'Ginnis" Southern Humanities Review, Volume VIII, Number 4, Fall, 1974

"The Cat" Webster Review, Number 1, Spring, 1974

"The Androgyne: Paintings and Text by the Captain" Proteus, Number 4, Spring, 1974

"The Honeymooners" Proteus, Number 5, Spring, 1975

"The Old Woman" Transatlantic Review, Number 52, Winter, 1975

"Mannikin" TriQuarterly, 35, Winter l976

"The Heiress" Epoch, Volume XXV, Number 2, Winter, 1976

"The Lover" Shenandoah, Volume XXVII, Number 3, Spring, 1976 Anthologized in The Pushcart Prize, Number 2, (The Pushcart Press) 1977 and in Martha Foley's Best American Short Stories (Houghton Mifflin) 1977

"The Husband" The Texas Quarterly, Volume XIX, Number 3, Autumn, 1976

"The Host: Homage A Teilhard de Chardin" The Hudson Review, Volume XIX, Number 4, Winter, 1976-77

"The Voyager" The Bellingham Review, Volume 1, Number 1, Winter, 1977

"The Assassin's Notebook," "The Melon-eaters," and "White Monkey Man," Three Metaphysical Tales, Iowa Review, Volume VIII, Number 1, Winter, 1977

"The Gallant" Kansas Quarterly, Volume IX, Number 3, Summer, 1977

  • Winner of the Kansas Quarterly/Kansas Arts Commission Fiction Award, judging: John Gardner

"The Gamblers" North American Review, Volume 262, Number 3, Fall, 1977

"The Prisoner" Antaeus, 28, Winter, 1978

"The Wife," "The Grandmother," "The Confessor" three stories, The Bellingham Review,Volume 1, Number 3, Fall, 1977

"The Poets" The Sewanee Review, Volume LXXVI, Number 1, Winter, 1978,

  •  anthologized in The Norton Anthology of Contemporary Fiction, W.W. Norton, 1988
  •  anthologized in Revelation and Other Fiction from the Sewanee Review: A Centennial Anthology, Louisiana State University Press, 1993

"The Rememberers" Four Quarters, Volume XXVII, Number 2, Winter, 1978

"The Rearranger" Jeopardy, Volume XIV, Spring, 1978

"The Golden Word" Epoch, Volume XXVII, Number 2, Winter, 1978

"The Interloper" Shenandoah, Volume XXX, Number 2, Winter, 1978

"The President" Paris Review, Number 74, Fall/Winter, 1978

"The Child" Georgia Review, Volume XXXII, Number 4, Winter, 1978

"The Inheritors" Plum, Number 2, 1979

"The Women" The Literary Review, Volume 23, Number 1, Fall, 1979

"An Old Dance" Kenyon Review, New Series, Volume II, Number 1, Winter, 1980,

     (anthologized in Gringos in Mexico, Texas Christian University Press, 1988)

"The Assassin in Mexico" City, Volume 1, Number 8, 1980

"The Bikini Man" Crazyhorse, Number 21, Fall, 1980

"The Aunt" Akros, Number 4, Spring, 1981

"Death" Black Warrior Review, Volume 8, Number 1, Fall, 1981

"The Palm" Kansas Quarterly, Volume 14, Number 1, Winter, 1982

"The Cat Girl" Prism International, Volume 20, Number 3, Spring, 1982

"A Coincidence" Bellingham Review, Volume 5, Number 1, Spring, 1982

"The Piney Wood" Mid-American Review, Volume II, Number 1, Summer, 1982

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"The Misogynist" Pendragon, Volume 1, Number 4, Summer, 1982

"The Assassin in Ronda" Gnosis Anthology: Contemporary American and Russian Literature and Art, Volume 1 (Gnosis Press, New York), 1982

"The Island" Seattle Review, Volume V, Numbers 1 and 2, Fall, 1982

"The Casita" Black Warrior Review, Volume IX, Number 1, Fall, 1982

"The Genie" Story Quarterly, Numbers 15 and 16, 1982

"The Dreamer" Memphis State Review, Volume 4, Number 1, Fall, 1983

"The Flight" Paris Review, Number 90, Winter, 1983

  • anthologized in The Paris Review Anthology, W.W. Norton, 1990

"The Disciple" Quarterly West, Number 17, Fall/Winter, 1983-84

"The Shadow" Sidewinder, Volume 1, Number 1, Spring, 1984

"The Historian" and "The Goat" Groundswell, Volume 1, Number 1, 1984

"The Oddment Man" TriQuarterly, Number 61, Fall, 1984

"The Bag" Mid-American Review, Volume IV, Number 2, Fall, 1984

"The Printer and the Weaver" Long Pond Review, Number 9, Winter, 1984-85

"The Uncle" Kenyon Review, Volume VIII, Number 2, Fall, 1986

"The Sailor's Wife" Denver Quarterly, Volume 21, Number 2, Fall, 1986

"The Prop" The Glens Falls Review, Number 4, 1986-87

"A Long Walk" Midland Review, Number 4, Spring, 1988

"The Gift" The Little Magazine, Volume 19, 1993

“Bettina and Loki” The Denver Quarterly, Volume 35, Number 3, Fall 2000

“Wish You Were Here: Travel and Other Fictions,” with Joyce Hinnefeld and Ruth Knafo Setton, Another Chicago Magazine, Number 39, 2001

“The Judgment of Helen,” Arts and Letters, Issue 12, 2004

Electronic Literature

Eroica, a hypermedia fiction, created in collaboration with a team of artists (

Work Under Consideration

The House of Nordquist, a novel