The House of Nordquist

In The House of Nordquist, the final novel of the Eroica Trilogy, Eugene K. Garber creates his most demonic narrative of the series. Readers will quickly understand that Garber is a genre iconoclast. Elements of Gothic mystery are radically altered to explore, often through metafictional inventions, the profound ontological uncertainties generated by Faustian hubris. At the same time a gripping tale is told. Deep in the infernal regions of the bizarre house of his mad father, the Faustian Eric Nordquist conducts an atrocious experiment, extracting sounds for a world-changing symphony from the body of a Holocaust victim. He sucks everyone around him into the vortex of his mad dream of a cleansing cataclysm. His most devoted follower, Paul Albright, not only assists in the experiment but becomes infected with unholy powers. Now, years later, the House of Nordquist burned to the ground by an unknown arsonist, Eric is on the loose with the score of his abysmal symphony and Paul is in pursuit. Can Paul find Eric and the sinister score? If he does, what will he do?

"Like the crime at its core, The House of Nordquist is an un­quenchable fire. Part detective story, part playful Gothic, part reimagining of Faust, and fully compelling. Garber's novel ful­fills the promise-threat: things stranger than you wish will hap­pen here." 
Ron MacLean, author of the award-winning mystery nov­el Headlong

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