the historian


(Milkweed Editions and TriQuarterly Books, 1993)

...consists of six closely related narratives that won the 1992 William Goyen Prize for Fiction. The introduction on the dust jacket describes the book accurately.

 “The historian’s quest to find the American woman, whose vitality has been all but written out of history by puritan consciousness, leads him to muses, lovers, figures of sensual liberation, frontierswomen, and powerful agents for social change. The battle between myth and fact, between romance and science, to grasp the soul of history—the so-called truth of a given time—is at the heart of Garber’s compelling tale.”

Kurt Vonnegut adds this witty remark.

“Eugene Garber, casting himself as both Herodotus and Ned Buntline, has elevated American history in the second half of the nineteenth century to the grandeur of a legend about a mighty civilization of thousands of years ago.”

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